Techbits Episode 43

TSA to spend 3 million on iOS and Mac pilot program, IBM bans Siri from their campuses, Thunderbolt coming of age, MS Windws 8 released as Consumer Preview, Microsoft to Debut ‘Smart Glass’ Streaming App at E3?, Flame Discussion. “TechBits” is a podcast dedicated to bringing you bits and pieces … Continue reading

Techbits Episode 42

Google Officallly acquires Motorolla, 802.11ac, Facebook IPO OOOOOOOH!, Yahoo Sells half of Alibaba, Microsoft Boosts Multiple Monitors in Windows 8, Alien Hunter Extraordinaire Jill Tarter Steps Down as SETI Director, Researchers find a way to store data in DNA, Five CEO’s who should ahve been let go, Leap Motion controller … Continue reading

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